School of Enlightenment

A Unit of Trishuldhari Smrity Sansthan

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Fee Rules

School fees are commensurate with the facilities provided. No capitation fee or voluntary donation is taken from the children. At the end of the academic session the school managing committee may consult parents/guardians for revising the school fee (if necessary). No revision in fee is made during the mid-session.


1. It is necessary to make three months advance payment of the fee from dated 1st to 10th of every month. Defaulters’ fine of Rs. 25/- per month will be charged. If fee are not cleared upto 10th of the next month with all the dues, the name of the students will be stuck off from the roll and after that re-admission fee Rs. 500/- will be charged for continuation.
2. The transport fee and vocational fee will be paid by the parents/guardians monthly along with tuition fee.
3. Deposit of repeated reminder, if fees are not being paid, the names of the wards will be stuck off from the school register.
4. Even though a student remains absent for a long time without any prior information, his/her fees will be charged even for the absent period.
5. There will be no reduction on any kind of fees on account of holiday`s vacations or any period of the absence of pupils.

6. Guardians are requested to pay the fee on fixed date and get payment receipt from the office counter.
7. All payment to the school is to be made in cash or Cheque.
8. The school reserves the right to increase the fees at the end of year if an increment is considered necessary. Five percent annual increase in the tuition fee or any other fees is normal.