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About Our Education

Education is a continuous and creative process. Its aim is to develop the capacities latent in human nature and to coordinate their expression for the enrichment and progress of the society by equipping children with spiritual, moral and material knowledge. The so-called public school education in the country is still deeply rooted in our colonial past and needs to be reoriented to reflect our national ethos and national sentiments adequately.

The society`s requirement should be linked up with an individual`s ability and expertise. Sensitizing the student of such values would have to an essential component of school education. What is required by our nation today is healthy blend of modern scientific thinking with traditional values.

“The roots of education are bitter but the fruits are sweet.”

Let us be more farsighted, responsible and enriching in our planning. And let the student’s yield the rich harvest of today and tomorrow as will, which will truly be step to make our India great and a powerful country.